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If you struggle to run the game on the browser, Just download the rar file, extract it and run the Lost.exe to play the game. It runs better if you download the rar file.

The game has a very short gameplay time of somewhere around 20-30 minutes. You might dig this game if you are into the indie genre. This is more of a psychological walking simulator than a game. More like an experience you can say. The player has nothing much to do. The plot goes something like this, A person one day discovers himself that he is inside a glitch. And the higher entity that possesses the power over him decides to show him a little glimpse of his true identity and so breaks the fourth wall to contact with him. Don't try to find any meaning in this game. Because it has none. This game was heavily inspired by the indie game "When the darkness Comes". Anyway do play the game if you dig the concept and it would be nice to hear from you guys about which ending did you got.

This game occasionally uses the button "E" to interact when it is needed.

W/A/S/D is used for general movements.

Tip: If you are stuck somewhere in the game,be sure to explore every inch of the game. And remember, Patience is the key.

Release date May 19, 2020
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Horror, psychedelic, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky, Surreal, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

If you are struggling to play the game in the browser.Then just download the zip file provided below,extract it and run the Lost.exe file to run the game.

This game occasionally uses the button "E" to interact. 

W/A/S/D is used for the movement.

Tip : If you are stuck somewhere in the game, try to explore every inch possible. and remember patience is the key.


Lost.rar 379 MB


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I have to admit, this one lost me (<—— see what I did there?), but there were several moments that were rather intriguing; possibly turned into something bigger, or made part of another project. 


watched the video, Thanks for the review. btw you havent meet the end of the game tho :3


Great game! A gameplay in brazilian portuguese:


This game confused and frightened me in many ways... and I loved it! I love games like this that present existential themes.  Great game!!


Thanks Man! Glad that you liked it :D

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I'm not able to extract Lost.rar using 7zip... Got it with WinRAR :-)


Huge fan of things like this.

Thanks! this is really inspiring!

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good story

Thanks !


gorgeous looking game. I hoped it was a bit longer but still I enjoyed it


Thank You Man! I know the game was short! Next time , I'll try to make it longer!

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I never knew how LOST I was before this game put my life on the line.

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Thanks a lot! Really glad that you like it!


Hi there ok this was an interesting experience. I liked it and what it stood for. I hope to see more from you in the near future 


Thanks man!


It reminded me of another game called when darkness comes which was a choice game very similar to this. So its kind of a sequel to that one. Loved the choices to I felt a bit of realism too one choices we make in life. It really did speak to me. Loved what you did.
 Hope to see more of these experience types. 


Yes, This game was highly inspired from  "When the darkness comes" . I was really waiting for the sequel of the  game.But devs got disappeared. So I thought about making  a shot version of something like this. I didn't thought people will play or like it. It's really a pleasure to know that you liked it !


I enjoyed that game and yours plus loved the part near the end. kind of hit home for me about either giving up or moving forward so there was a bit of a life lesson in there too which i really loved. thank you for making such a great game and i look forward to playing more horror inspired games from you keep it up. 


Thanks, this means a lot and comes as an inspiration <3


i'm sorry, but its kinda boring.


Sorry man, that you felt bored :'(


it's ok. it was still ok. i believe that you can make it better :)


Will do, Thanks for the honest reply and inspiration :D